About us

ROIC is a financial advisory and facilitator. We work collaboratively with co-financiers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and utilize and leverage their financial instruments to seek ways to secure financing solutions for Private Sector loans, Export Trade financing, Small-Medium Enterprises and grants.

We apply our 40 years of technical expertise, global experience, and innovative thinking to help our clients overcoming financial, operational, and political challenges. Our clients various from private developers, public companies, utilities, and governmental agencies in addition to Exporters and importers.

Our high volume of assignments enables us to gain a detailed understanding of co-financiers’ behavior, optimal deal structures, performance of key market participants and the latest market trends, encompassing outdoor advertising UK. As a result, our teams can provide clients with unique insights into the execution of recent offerings, and equip clients with the latest deal technology. Learn more about the effectiveness of 3D billboards in outdoor advertising at https://3dbillboardadvertising.co.uk/are-3d-billboard-effective/.

With advisory teams on the ground in key markets around the world and close relationships with decision makers in more than 160 countries, we have an unparalleled global footprint and deeper resources than any other financial advisory.