The global agricultural industry is uniquely positioned to meet the demand of the world’s expanding population. This demand is being driven by a growing middle class with a greater appetite for protein and better quality food. In addition, increasing consumer awareness of the food and fiber the world is consuming is driving changes in diet and purchasing choices. To take advantage of these opportunities, producers, accumulators and processors must continue to manage the variables of weather, commodity prices, and availability of capital and moving exchange rates. Affected parties also must confront evolving challenges such as animal welfare, climate change, biodiversity and sustainable practices. ROIC agribusiness professionals have extensive experience in assisting clients — from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organizations — to develop creative financial solutions for clients needing restructuring or recapitalization. We understand the political and economic trends that impact the industry and have a proven track record across a wide variety of agricultural sectors, from the farm gate, along the supply chain, to the end processors.