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ROIC’s partnership with major SMEs lender in Asia, Europe and Africa has enabled entrepreneurs to enjoy competitive offers for business loan. Furthermore, the collaboration with the IRS Audit ensures a robust and compliant financial environment. Whether you are a local bank (intermediary), entrepreneur or even have a green project, ROIC will stand ready to facilitate quick loan with relaxed terms and conditions.


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are critical for the economic and social development of emerging markets. They play a major role in creating jobs and generating income for low income people; they foster economic growth, social stability, and contribute to the development of a dynamic private sector. As such, access to financial services is vital in developing a vibrant SME sector in any economy. In many emerging markets, however, access to financial services for SMEs remains severely constrained. Additionally, you can learn more about the process for stock buyers. Understanding key aspects can empower SMEs to make informed decisions for their growth and success. When it comes to facilitating investment, fractional shares can provide an innovative solution for both SMEs and individual investors. To enhance your SME’s visibility in the digital landscape, consider leveraging digital marketing strategies with experts like the Chicago SEO Scholar. Outdoor advertising can also help build brand visibility and popularity. There are different types of promotional displays that you can offer to the audience but the most commonly used include billboards, hoardings, airport advertising posters, building wraps, mall posters, stadium signs, bench advertising, transit shelters, and much more.

When it comes to investing information, providing comprehensive and accessible resources can empower SMEs to make informed decisions for their growth and success. Additionally, optimizing your financial operations is vital, and implementing a robust system for digital payroll can contribute to the efficiency of managing your SME’s workforce.


ROIC’s 40 years experience has played a critical role in helping small and medium enterprises worldwide gain greater access to financing. ROIC’s unparalleled services of facilitating funding for equity, loans, and mezzanine finance to financial intermediaries who are focusing on SME financing access in developing countries. On the advisory side, ROIC provides technical services to enhance banks SME operations in areas such as strategy, market segmentation, product development, risk management and IT/ MIS. facilities. As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to expand your business and connect with new customers, and ZeroBounce’s verification services can help you reach those goals. And also, explore our curated list of coin dealers to find strategic opportunities and expand your reach. There are also similar sites like that can help your business.


Business Loans – Up to 100,000 US$

We work to help SMEs get an unsecured business loan of up to 100,000 US$ without any collateral/security for purposes such as expansion, project financing or equipment financing.


Quicker Approvals

ROIC offers to take the pain away from your loan application process. ROIC works closely with selected SMEs providers to get your loan approved as fast as possible.


Best Deal for You

ROIC has partnered with selected SMEs providers and works closely with them to ensure that you get the best deal possible.