Tourism + Realestate

Most People think of tourism, it is about a vacation to a new destination, an island retreat, a beautiful vineyard, or a hike in the mountains. They rarely think of tourism as a source of inclusive poverty reduction in the developing world.

Investments to the projects created jobs for local community members, schools, hospital, shopping malls. This is having a transformative impact on poverty reduction and improvements in the quality of life of some of the world’s poorest.

ROIC tourism professionals provide high-quality research and Consultancy services to the tourism industry in general and secure loans for prospective investors in tourism industry in particular.

ROIC’s range of activities in the Consultancy Division encompasses project–related services for Private sector and Institutional Services. With strong cooperation with local banks and authorities, ROIC will achieve your target and make your project possible.


Project-related Services for Private Sector

  • Site evaluation studies.
  • Market-potential assessment for tourism projects.
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies.
  • Loan / Equity syndication services.
  • Financial restructuring of project proposals, review and appraisal.
  • Project implementation and monitoring services.
  • Pre-opening technical and facility planning services.
  • Other project related services include assistance in finalisation of arrangements for lease / transfer of management, franchise tie-ups, selection of design / project / architectural consultants etc.


Institutional Services for governments

  • Tourism-potential studies and identification of tourism circuits.
  • Preparation of tourism-development Master Plans for state / travel circuit / destination.
  • Tourist profiles and image-rating studies.
  • Tourist-flow surveys to assess destination draws, infrastructure gaps and defining agenda for development.
  • Carrying out accommodation and other infrastructure assessment, augmentation improvement studies.
  • Sustainable tourism development, environment impact assessment studies carrying capacity of studies of wild-life sanctuaries, national parks and other sensitive / critical areas.
  • Transaction advisory services for PPP projects.