Trade Financing

Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, your profitability is affected by your trading partners’ ability to raise funds efficiently. All you need is a financial professional to service your trade transactions. ROIC worked with exporters, importers and negotiated trade financing options with Arab and international financial institutions, we are well versed in trade finance solutions for buyers and sellers in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. 

ROIC facilitates loans terms, export credit, working capital and trade finance. We have direct experience with commercial and investment banks, development banks, multilateral financial institutions, investment funds, and export and investment insurance agencies. Our specialists regularly analyses finance trends to ensure that we are at the forefront of trade finance.

At ROIC, our Trade Financing experts offer unparalleled advice to mitigate risk and enhance revenue opportunities. We understand credit and payment risks and can help formulate a tailored trade solution to improve your competitiveness in the global markets.

ROIC provides innovative financing solutions to assist exporters with transactional risk mitigation, giving them a competitive edge. We work with export credit agencies throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia to help you reduce risk. We can also provide political and business risk assessment on a per-transaction basis in challenging markets where trade lines may be limited and advise on market penetration strategy and business development structures.