Importer – Buyer

Import financing

Utilizing an import finance facility from a reputable provider like ROIC can significantly alleviate the strain on cash flow and streamline the intricate paperwork and procedures involved. Using an import finance facility will ease the pressure on cash flow and can take care of some of the complex paperwork and procedures that come with it. If you’re wondering who decides when a company is insolvent, check this article for more valuable information.

The delays and complications associated with trading overseas can be a great burden on an importer’s cash flow. ROIC’s experts will work hard with importers to overcome these challenges.

ROIC factoring or invoice discounting Specialist provides an overall funding solution for the import of goods and for the sales process.

ROIC can assist importers to fund up to 100% of overseas purchases; freight, duty and VAT included.

How could ROIC help importers:

Import documentary collections

ROIC will seek ways to provide suppliers payment assurances as you protect your interests by confirming that goods have shipped according to your specifications before making a payment.

Letter of Credit L/C

ROIC will find out and make sure that you have met all terms stipulated in the L/C and examine all related document prior to disbursement of any moneys to suppliers. ROIC makes sure that you have a good L/C that will empower your bargaining position in a negotiation – opening L/C provides the exporter with a conditional payment commitment on top of the commercial credit, giving you better credit by which you may win favorable price terms for your goods

Import bills for collection

Upon informing exporter to send their shipping documents to ROIC, you will enjoy prompt advance payment on behalf of importer with valid certifications and commercial bills under import L/C. Importers will be able to have full entitlement of the goods and sale them even if you could fulfill your commitment and pay immediately. Importers will benefit by enhancing their bargaining ability when dealing with exporters by converting the payment at nuance into payment at sight, or shortening the duration of forward payment.

Shipping guarantee accountant

Should goods arrive in port before the shipping documents have been processed, ROIC will be glade to get and enable you to have immediate possession of goods before payment by obtaining a shipping guarantee which is universally accepted by all shipping companies, allowing you to take control of the goods without the bill of lading.